2020 Annual CrossFit Total Competition!

2020 Annual CrossFit Total Competition!

Event Divisions:

  • Female up to 110lbs

  • Female 111-130lbs

  • Female 131-150lbs

  • Female 151-170lbs

  • Female 171lbs +

  • Men 100-145lbs

  • Men 146-175lbs

  • Men 176-200lbs

  • Men 201-235lbs

  • Men 236lbs +

Event Details

*The registration fee for this event is $59. (note: USAW # not required)

**Format change for 2020**
Order of lifts will be randomly generated, Female to Male. Athlete will tell the judge the weight of attempted lift each attempt allowing for proper rest period prior to their next lift.
** Other Additions for 2020**
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards
T-Shirts! (prior to deadline of March 8th)
Open to suggestions if you think of something that will make the event better.

Event Description:
CrossFit Total is the sum total of Back Squat, Strict Shoulder Press and Deadlift. Each athlete has 3 attempts to reach their 1 rep max of the day in each lift. The sum of those three heaviest lifts then equates to their “Total”.

Age Group for this event are: 18+ (13 with parents consent)

Weight classes for the event are:
Men: up to 145lbs, 146 to 175lbs, 176 to 200lbs, 201 to 235lbs, 236lbs +.
Women: up to 110lbs, 111 to 130lbs,131 to 150lbs,151 to 170lbs,171lbs +.
*1st 2nd and 3rd place awards will be presented for each weight class.

The Weigh-in (8:30am- 9:30am)
Weigh-in for each session shall start before the scheduled start of the event. Athletes shall present themselves for weigh-in promptly at that time. Athletes who do not weigh within the limits of the class in which they entered the competition are permitted to compete in the weight class appropriate to their weight at weigh-in.
Competitors must present identification at weigh-in, and must be weighed in by a sex-appropriate official on an accurate and precise scale.

Conduct of the Competition:
Athlete order will be randomly generated. Following the athlete list, you will step up to the rack and announce your attempted weight. The officials will then load your bar and you will perform the lift. We will progress through the list until completion.

Sequence of events:
Lift order- Back Squat, Press, Deadlift

Upon the start of the competition, The first athlete will announce their first weight. The officials will then load your bar and you will perform the lift.

The lift order will go through until all athletes have made all 3 attempts (females followed by males). This allows for proper recovery time before your next lift.

Lift Standards: Back Squat- hip crease must travel below the knee (below parallel) at the bottom with hips and knees locked out at the top.

Press- Arms and legs must be locked out at the top. No dip and drive is allowed (1 warning).

Deadlift- Hips must be open and legs full extended at the top with shoulders in line with the hips. Sumo deadlift is not allowed.
*The bar must be returned to the rack to count on the back squat and press.

Unit of Measure:

The meet shall be conducted in pounds. Increases in weight shall be in multiples of 5 pounds. If no weight for next attempt is received from the lifter or the lifter’s coach, it shall be assumed that the next attempt is a 5 pound increase.

Awards are based on the total of the heaviest completed attempts of the three lifts. In the event of a tie, the lighter lifter wins. If both lifters weigh the same upon re-weigh, they share the award.

What to Wear:
A. The lifter’s costume shall consist of a t-shirt and shorts of a stretch-type material. The shirt sleeves cannot cover the elbows and the shorts cannot cover the knees. Both garments must be clean and free of graphics of a nature that the average spectator would find offensive. The t-shirt shall be worn neatly tucked into the shorts (while attempting lift). These requirements are only to ensure the judges can accurately judge the lift.
B. Both garments must fit snugly to facilitate the judging of depth and lockout positions. Both must be constructed of normal commercially available materials, and absolutely cannot be supportive in any way. T-shirts constructed of 7 oz. or lighter material and tightly-fitted shorts are the recommended costume, but all garments are subject to the review and approval of the judges. Only one shirt and one pair of shorts may be worn at any time. Women may wear one bra of any type desired.
C. No singlets may be worn in competition.
D. Sweat pants or may be worn in the deadlift only, for the sole purpose of facilitating the slide of the bar against the legs. They must be of light construction, designed only as warm-up garments. They must be worn either over the shorts or in place of the shorts.
E. Any type of shoe may be worn, provided that it is in good repair and clean. Shoes must be worn on the platform at all times. Shoes with cleats or metal spikes are not permitted.
F. No billed caps or brimmed hats are permitted to be worn on the platform or lifting area.

A. A belt may be worn during all three lifts. It may be of any type, provided that when worn it only overlaps itself one time at any point along its circumference, and that it does not exceed four inches in width at any point along its length.
B. Knee wraps or knee sleeves may be worn. If worn, they must be placed on the knee or knees before the start of the athlete’s warm-up to facilitate a smooth transition from athlete to athlete.
C. Wrist wraps may be worn. Any bandages worn on the hands must be shown to the judges prior to the start of the lift. Any ankle or knee bandages must be approved by the judges prior to the start of the lift in which they are worn.
D. No wraps of any kind may be worn on the elbows, or on any part of the body other than the wrists and knees. No supportive undergarments of any type may be worn.
E. No lubricants of any type, whether fluids, powders, or solids, may be used anywhere on the competition venue or any areas adjacent to the competition venue. Chalk is not considered a lubricant. Use of any lubricants at all constitutes cause for immediate disqualification.
F. The use of counter-irritants is permitted on areas of the skin that do not come in contact with the bar. If there is any uncertainty about whether this use may constitute a use-of lubricants infraction, the judges should be consulted prior to their application.
G. No foreign substances of any type except the chalk provided by the competition may be used on either the platform equipment or the lifter’s personal equipment. No rosin, spray sticky, or any other substance designed to enhance the friction of hands against bar or shoes against floor may be used.
*registration fee is non-refundable

Event WODS

Workouts have not yet been released.

Event Info:

2020 Annual CrossFit Total Competition!

Date: March 28, 2020

Location: 3128 Douglas Rd, Toledo OH

Registration: $59.99


Reg Deadline Passed


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