Meet Our Team

Zach Pacer

Zach Pacer loves helping members reach their fitness goals, and says that to see them progress and become more confident is the best part. Outside of CrossFit, he also loves to play basketball, scuba dive, and travel. In high school, he played basketball all four years and almost went pro. His other claim to fame is that he can grow a mean mustache.

Zach came to CrossFit as a result of avid TV sports viewership. “I discovered CrossFit on ESPN and decided to try it,” he says. “From there, I became passionate about fitness and wanted to enhance my knowledge of the sport of fitness, so I decided to become an L-1 coach.”

His favorite quote: “Everything is temporary.” – Ram Dass

CrossFit Level 1

Barry Williamson

Owner/Head Coach Barry Williamson is a retired 20-year Navy veteran. He got into CrossFit when he was 35 and saw his fitness level declining. “I wanted to be more active when my kids got older,” he says. “A friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit, and I was instantly hooked and realized that teaching others this lifestyle was what I was meant to do.”

Barry lives for helping his members accomplish their “firsts.” “I love helping people be more human,” he says. “I love to see when people achieve more than they thought their body could do. There is no better feeling than when someone gets their first pull up or lifts a barbell heavier than they ever thought they would!

CrossFit Level 2

John Wilmore

John Wilmore has been CrossFitting for an amazing seven years, which might be why he’s “taller than he is.” He’s passionate about exploring his physical limits, which he started doing back in high school when he was involved in competitive gymnastics. John even made it to the state finals in parallel bars. The thing he loves most about coaching is helping his members achieve PRs and master new movements.

CossFit Level 1

Kaitlin Work

What are you passionate about?:

I really love helping people. Whether it's helping people reach their big time goals, or just mowing a neighbor's lawn. Life can be hard and if I can make something easier for someone then I will.

What do you love most about coaching your members?:

I love seeing members reaching their goals and pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of.